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By mail: U. City Chamber
7700 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, Mo. 63130

By phone: 314-337-2489

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Rocket Fizz, a new soda and candy store featuring hundreds of classic and new specialty items, is now open for business at 6303 Delmar.  Visit our Facebook page for a closer look at their sweetly unique inventory

Silver Members

We are hosting our annual Casino Night - Lucky U City - this yeear on lucky day 3.14.15 known as Pi Day.  Pi Day is celebrated around the world commemorating the mathamatical constant of Pi (the Greek letter.)  Pi is approximately 3.14159.  March of this year has special significance since on 3.14.15 at at 9:26:54 am or pm, the time and date represents the first ten numbers of Pi.

Buy your tickets on-line in advance for $25 or $30 at the door.  Join us for plenty of food, drinks, casino style games and plenty of prizes.  This is always a fun and very well attended event!

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Meet Chamber Board Member Jeff Weintrop, the Silver Lady's Silver Dude HERE.

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Explore the opportunities in our centrally located four mile stretch of Olive Blvd. that links St. Louis City and County.  Join the more than 300 businesses along Olive and check out our property data website to find your next business location!  Come join us and get in the mix!

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